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I'm really enjoying the course...


I am working as a counsellor and in my practice I would meet a lot of clients who find themselves experiencing anxiety on a daily basis. For these clients they have found that talking therapy was a very scary place to be at first and tried other options. The main trend I had noticed with them was that they had all tried reflexology and found themselves enjoying the treatment and learning to relax and remove signs of sore heads, eye pressures  sore shoulders, backs, leg tension etc [so that’s why I decided to train in reflexology]. 

The Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness has given me more tools to support clients but it has also taught me that it is really important to look after your own mental health and now I’m bringing that into the home where my husband and children are and they are looking forward to me trying my learning on them and opening up communication.  It is also amazing to see how we eat and drink affects our body and that this all shows on the feet.  I found my diet starting to improve and the same for the whole family. I’m enjoying the studying as my children are learning similar theories in leaving cert so it also is opening up more discussions. 

I'm really enjoying the course and having it in Co Donegal is great for the county. It is lovely meeting new people and seeing everyone so excited to be completing the course.  Everyone is so helpful and I’m finding the notes a great help in studying. Thank you Tatiana and Denise for a wonderful course!!

- Edel McBrearty, Diploma Student 

I couldn't miss out on learning a new skill that interested me

I decided to [enrol in] the course because I had seen the ad last year and thought it would be good. Then when it was advertised again for this year I knew it was for me and I couldn't miss out on learning a new skill that interested me. I chose the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness because weekend [study] works best for me and home study in between each class means I can still continue with the childcare I do while learning.

The course is everything I hoped it would be. Tatiana is a great tutor with practical and theory knowledge about reflexology and Denise brings the anatomy and physiology to life in plain and simple language so it's fun and easy to remember!! Both are beautiful people. I'm enjoying it more than I could have imagined.

Studying with the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness has made a big difference to me. I'm enjoying having a new skill and knowledge. I've realized that it was time for a career change as my children are older now and need different things from me so doing childcare at home won't suit for much longer. I've met lovely girls in the class and made some new friends. Doing the practice with my family and children has opened up a new way to be together nicely without the pressure of making conversation and asking constant questions. New bonds growing!!  Thank you Tatiana!!

- Sharon Lee, Diploma Student 


It fits in well with my work and home-life

I had been looking into completing a course like this as I didn't enjoy my working life, had no job satisfaction and I was always stressed and dreaded going to work. I had also recently given birth and I knew that I needed to work in an area that would provide for a positive and balanced home. I chose to complete this course as I wanted one with the best quality and qualification that this provides.


I love [the course]. It fits in well with my work and home-life and is giving me the best foundations to build upon with home study and practise after each class.

I feel more confident and positive in myself now that I'm working towards a goal that suits me. I've always wanted to be self-employed and help people be healthier and live better lives so this course enables me to do that.

- Maggie Russell, Diploma Student 

Studying has had a big impact on my life

I have been wanting to do reflexology for years and finally put myself forward for it. [I decided] to do the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness [as] it's the best course around. The course is good and studying has had a big impact on my life as i work full time and also have two kids so it has been difficult but will be worth it in the end.

- Ciara Molloy, Diploma Student 

Professional Reflexology Training in Ireland

Message from Principal Tatiana Grosso

When I first started my training in Reflexology straight away I realised it was more than just a diploma I was undertaking. I  felt it  was first of all a journey for myself, a way of getting in tune with my inner self, a developing process to discover my real potential and well being. At the Irish School of Reflexology we believe that all our students will first discover their own abilities as human beings with the supporting help of our teachers. We will help each individual to develop their skills and awareness, assisting them during the process so that they in turn can help heal others. The course itself will be interesting, challanging and very fulfilling. I look forward to meeting you! 

Tatiana Grosso, The Irish School of Reflexology

I learnt so much and made some great friends...

'I really enjoyed the Reflexology Diploma. I learnt so much and made some great friends! I feel a lot better and know so much more about myself as a human being. I love that I can now help people.' Niamh- Dublin


'I really enjoyed the Diploma, especially the student interaction. I really appreciated the encouragement from the tutors which boosted my self-confidence' Kathy- Athlone 


'Wonderful experience'


College Students

Why I Changed My Career 


As a qualified nurse and midwife I became aware of the positive benefits of reflexology therapy as my career progressed.


My first experience of reflexology therapy arose when my father-in-law was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. I witnessed the powerful effect reflexology treatment gave him both mentally and physically. He said that it was the only therapy that gave him relief and helped him cope with the symptoms as the disease progressed. He had regular reflexology treatment until he sadly passed away.


Following a career break I felt the need to pursue a career that allowed me to spend more time with patients/clients. After some consideration I felt nursing had become less patient orientated and more office based. I decided after extensive research to become a reflexologist as it would give me autonomy to help clients improve their mental and physical health. Also, I could have the option of running my own business and doing some voluntary work.


In order to learn more about reflexology I read a book called “Balance and Harmony” by Sr. Brega Whelan. This inspired me to attend the Mind, Body and Soul event at the RDS, where I attended Sr Brega’s talk explaining the principles together with a pracical demonstration of reflexology.


Having expressed my interest in becoming a reflexologist I was guided to the Irish School of Reflexology by Sr. Brega and recommended to contact Tatiana, one of her experienced graduates who runs courses in reflexology. I subsequently graduated in January 2017 after completing a challenging 14 months, learning and developing my skills and knowledge both practically and theoritically.


At the moment I’m putting the final touches to my therapy room and looking forward to meeting new clients. I’m very grateful for the training I received during my course with Tatiana.


If you are interested in becoming a reflexologist I would encourage you to have a treatment from a graduate therapist from the Irish School of Reflexology. Allow your mind and body to relax and tune into this wonderful therapy. Let the magic happen. I am sure you will, like me, choose the Irish School of Reflexology to pursue your career.



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