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Reflexology Refresher Course


Chakra Healing Courses for Holistic Therapists & Beginners

The ISRW offers two courses in Chakra Healing: a 4-week course for beginniners and an 8-week course for students familiar with the Chakras. 

Introduction to Chakra Healing for Beginners (4 weeks)

The Introduction to Chakra System will give the students a basic overview of it and what it is believed to represent. They will be introduced to the concept of energy and its different forms – both physical and metaphysical.


The participants will also learn about the importance of unobstructed energy flow in the maintenance and promotion of holistic health. The concept of energy channels is also introduced, before we advance through each of the chakra points.


The course does not cover each chakra in depth, but does provide a comprehensive overview of what each one represents. We will also briefly examine ways of balancing and aligning the chakras as we introduce them and their associations. By the end of the 4 weeks, students will have a basic, but sound foundational knowledge of the chakras and their potential for enhancing human wellbeing.


The course is suitable for anyone, particularly those with an interest or career in holistic health or energy medicine. The content might also be of interest to those who are on a personal spiritual or healing journey, or those with an interest in ancient cultures, practices and belief systems. If we keep our energy flowing and our Chakras are open, then the energy can run through them freely, and harmony will be reached between the physical body, mind, and spirit.  This is what we love and believe. 


​This short course is a relaxed and truly enjoyable learning experience consisting of 4 classes that are 90 minutes in duration. All lessons are delivered via Zoom and are live, interactive and recorded.





Thursday 20th June 2024 

Chakra Healing, Balance and Alignment - NRRI Accredited (8 weeks)

This 8-week Chakra Healing, Balance & Alignment course

is currently reduced from €150 to €125. 

It is associated with yoga, meditation, spiritual beliefs and holistic health, but what exactly is the Chakra System? This course will help students to understand exactly what this energy system is all about where it came from, and what is represents.

In this course, we examine the Chakra System from its ancient origins to its place in a modern approach to wellbeing. Students will learn about its ancient teachings and origins, about energy from a physical and metaphysical perspective, and about the chakra system itself. This course is all about balance and wellbeing using an ancient philosophy and framework.

This extended course is CPD accredited on completion of 1 case study and is an intricate journey through the ancient Chakra System. The course begins by tracing the origins of the system back to traditional yogic traditions, which we will also introduce – alongside other beliefs and practices from around the world.


Students will then learn about the concept of energy; its forms, flow and symptoms of obstruction. Energy channels are also examined and you will understand the principles of chakra balance and alignment. The course then looks at each of the 7 chakra points in detail. Students will learn about associated body parts, colours, elements, emotions and more as we ascend through the system. Participants will also learn ways to open, balance and align each chakra that can be applied to practice or in their personal life. We complete the course by looking at the Chakra System as a modern tool for self-development and holistic healing.

Core course content

• The Vedic origins of the Chakra System 

• The 5 bodies, the subtle body & the aura

• The 8 limbs of yoga

• The concept of energy – flow, balance, alignment & obstruction

• Energy channels

• The 7 chakras in detail

• Chakra balancing and alignment methods and practices

• Chakras in complementary therapies

• The chakra system as a modern framework for self-development


This course runs one night per week live online for 8 weeks and classes are 2 hours in length. It is CPD accredited on completion of 1 case study. Tutor support is available throughout and all of our lessons are delivered in a relaxed and individualized fashion.


NRRI and CPD accredited. 


This course is also suitable for anyone, but might appeal more to those who have a basic knowledge of and interest in the system. It is ideal for those with a career in holistic health, yoga or energy medicine. The content should also be of interest to those who are interested in spirituality, ancient cultures, practices and belief systems.


€150, reduced to €125. 

Dates and times 

New term: 28th February 2024. 

This course runs online for eight weeks, Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm. 

Third Eye



Starts Thursday 20th June 2024 for 8 weeks, 8-10pm (once a week)


Coming Soon

Terms & Conditions 

  • Payment should be made through our online booking form where possible.

  • Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or postal order made payable to: Tatiana Lawless Grosso at the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness or via Paypal at 

  • Places on preferred courses can only be secured on receipt of deposit.

  • Due to demand, deposits and fees are non-refundable.

  • Payment plan dates are non-negotiable.

  • Students will be given two weeks’ notice by email of payment due dates and failure to make full payment could result in your place on the course being removed.

  • Course places are strictly limited so we advise students to book a place early.

  • All dates are subject to change and final confirmation in the preceding month prior to the courses starting.

  • Principal: Tatiana Grosso N.R.R.I

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