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Reflexology Refresher Course


Stress Management

Stress is believed to cause 90% of all disease and this course looks at stress from a completely holistic perspective. The ISRW Stress Management course runs live online for 8 weeks. 

During the course, participants will learn about the physical cascade stress initiates within the human body. They will also understand how the physical is intricately linked to the non-physical dimensions of the whole person. As a practitioner, or an individual, the participants will learn about the science and evidence supporting many natural ways to alleviate stress and promote wellbeing for themselves and/or their clients.

Core course content

  • Stress perception & personality

  • Stress physiology and body systems – Stress response, neural/endocrine. 

  • Acute v chronic stress

  • Effects of stress

  • Non-medicalized ways to manage stress – research supporting: exercise, yoga, MBSR, meditation, pranayama, complementary therapies

  • The gut microbiome, nutrition and stress

  • The holistic approach to stress and why?

Entry Requirements

This course is ideal for those with an interest in stress management, holistic healing; or simply those who struggle to manage stress and wish to learn more about how to deal with stress in their lives.

There are no formal prerequisite qualifications that learners must have prior to undertaking this course.

Course location/delivery 

This course runs live online via ZOOM. All classes will be recorded and recordings made available to students. 

Tutor support is available throughout and all of our lessons are delivered in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion. 

Course commitment 

This course runs one night a week for eight weeks online for two hours. 


CPD Accredited on completion of 1 case study.

Tutor support is available. 

Course dates and times 

Starting 10th June 2023.  


€200. This course may be paid in full or via an initial deposit of €80 and two monthly payments of €60. 

Stressed Woman

Course Dates 

Begins 10 June 2023.

​Course Dates

​ Calendar updated soon. ​

Terms & Conditions 

  • Payment should be made through our online booking form where possible.

  • Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or postal order made payable to: Tatiana Lawless Grosso at the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness or via Paypal at 

  • Course places are strictly limited so we advise students to book a place early.

  • Places on preferred courses can only be secured on receipt of deposit. Due to demand, deposits and fees are non-refundable.

  • Payment plan dates are non-negotiable.

  • Students will be given two weeks’ notice by email of payment due dates and failure to make full payment could result in your place on the course being removed.

  • All dates are subject to change and final confirmation in the preceding month prior to the courses starting.

  • Principal: Tatiana Grosso N.R.R.I

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