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Practitioner's Diploma in Reflexology

New Term March 2023

This is a Practitioner' s Diploma course affiliated with the NRRI, and is run over 14 months with 2 months off for case studies and practical work. 

The training we provide in traditional Reflexology enables students to build their own successful practice or add to their existing health care practice. Helping others to heal is our mission and the priority in everything that we teach. We aim to offer our students a fulfilling learning experience and build confidence in their ability to help others. Our overall mission is to promote healing through the benefits of Reflexology.

We place a strong focus on the practical side of Reflexology. We teach approaches to treatment including the pressure, the location of the points and relevant techniques for appropriate conditions. Our objective is to empower our students to assist their own clients in addressing their health problems successfully.

We only work with small groups [max. 20 students] and give one-to-one guidance under the supervision of trainers with years of clinical and teaching experience in the industry of complementary healing.

Our Diploma is a completely comprehensive course with two months study time before the examinations. As such there is no requirement for a student to have experience of reflexology prior to enrolling. The course is accredited by the National Register of Reflexologists, Ireland.

During the course there will always be a balance between learning the theory side of reflexology and the practical work. Students must complete all modules in order to graduate in the Diploma Course. However if a student is unable to attend a module, efforts will be made to accommodate and re-arrange the class missed at a date suitable for both parties. Facilitating this is at the discretion of the school principal.



  • Stories the Feet can tell through Reflexology – the original works of Eunice D. Ingham ISBN 978-0-9611804-3-0. 

  • Reflexology Handouts supplied by the Irish School of Reflexology 

  • An Introductory Guide to Anatomy and Physiology by Louise Tucker ( Revised Edition) General Editor: Jane Foulston  ISBN 1-903348-04-8. 

  • Reflexology Harmony and Health - Sr Brega Whelan (Optional)

  • The Reflexology Handbook: A Complete Guide by Laura Norman with Thomas Cowan ISBN 978-0-7499-2738-7


The diploma course in Reflexology runs one weekend per month, over twelve months. Students have a choice of two locations: Dublin and Donegal. 


Dublin School: Next Diploma course starts 18/19 March 2023. 

Donegal School: Next Diploma course starts 4/5 March 2023. 



Dublin: Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport, Co. Dublin 

Donegal: Jackson's Hotel, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal 


Dublin School dates 

Week 1: 18/19 March 2023

Week 2: 22/23 April 2023

Week 3: 20/21 May 2023

Week 4: 24/25 June 2023

Week 5: 15/16 July 2023

Week 6: 19/20 August 2023

Week 7: 23/24 September 2023

Week 8: 21/22 October 2023

Week 9: 18/19 November 2023

Week 10: 9/10 December 2023

Week 11: 20/21 January 2024

Week 12: 17/18 February 2024


Donegal School dates 

Week 1: 4/5 March 2023 

Week 2: 1/2 April 2023 

Week 3: 6/7 May 2023 

Week 4: 10/11 June 2023 

Week 5: 1/2 July 2023 

Week 6: 12/13 August 2023 

Week 7: 9/10 September 2023 

Week 8: 7/8 October 2023 

Week 9: 4/5 November 2023 

Week 10: 2/3 December 2023 

Week 11: 6/7 January 2024

Week 12: 3/4 February 2024

Dublin School dates 

Week 1: 16/17 September 2023

Week 2: 14/15 October 2023

Week 3: 11/12 November 2023

Week 4: 9/10 December 2023

Week 5: 1314 January 2024

Week 6: 10/11 February 2024

Remaining dates to follow

Donegal School dates

Week 1: 9/10 September 2023

Week 2: 7/8 October 2023

Week 3: 4/5 November 2023

Week 4: 2/3 December 2023

Week 5: 6/7 January 2024

Week 6: 3/4 February 2024

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