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Chakras System Course

The seven chakras are the main energy centres of the body.

If we keep our energy flowing and our Chakras are open, then the energy can run through them freely, and harmony will be reached between the physical body, mind, and spirit.  This is what we love and believe. 

We are very passionate about Energy and healing in all its forms and are pleased to launch our Chakras System course which will be delivered online over 6 weeks. 

The online classes will start on Monday the 21st of March (one evening per week-from 7pm-10pm) and will run for six weeks.  The will be live via Zoom, and recordings will be available on our Student library. Enrolment to the class will close on the 28th of February. 

Course Dates 

Starting Monday 21st March and running each Monday 7-10pm for six weeks. 

Course Location​

Delivered online via Zoom. 

Third Eye
Course Content

At the ISRW we are very proud of the high standards of our teachings. Our team of tutors will guide students through this journey to successful completion of the course.

We present and apply both the scientific and holistic models to the Chakas System so that students will be able to use what they have learnt for themselves or apply these principles to their clients. 

All of our classes combine the ancient arts with modern science, with the aim of supporting and guiding our students in this fascinating field of energies and how to enhance the power of them through activating our Energy centres. 

Week 1: Introduction to the Chakra System
Our six week journey begins with an exploration of the origins of the chakra system. We briefly introduce each chakra point and examine ancient Vedic texts and teachings from early India as we look at the basic concepts of the system. You will also learn about some Hindu belief systems and discover the foundations of Yoga and meditation.

Week 2: Nadis & Chi Energy
This lesson introduces the concept of energy from both scientific and metaphysical perspectives. We discuss chi energy and energy channels, as well as the importance of energy flow from a physiological perspective. You will learn about the ancient beliefs regarding energy flow in and from the body, be introduced to the human aura, as well as energy flow through the chakra system itself.

Week 3: The Lower Chakras
This lesson covers the lower 3 chakra points, looking at each one and its associations in more detail. You will gain awareness of basic human needs and learn ways of meeting them by activating the lower chakra system and its meanings. These lower chakras lay the foundations for personal growth and development, for grounding, invoking passions; for introspection, motivation and towards the
formation of healthy relationships.

Week 4: The Heart Chakra
The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, connects the lower and higher energy centres in the system. It is symbolic of the connections between the physical and nonphysical aspects of the human
condition. In this lesson, we look at the concepts associated with the heart chakra itself and you will learn about ways believed to open this energy centre, like loving-kindness meditation, acceptance
and the power of forgiveness.

Week 5: The Higher Chakras
This lesson focuses on the associations between the higher chakras and the higher self. It brings the system together from the root chakra to the crown. You will learn about mindful communication, consciousness, perception, awareness and intuition as we progress through each of these three energy centres and their associations.

Week 6: The Chakra System as a Framework for Self-Development
Our final class brings the 7 chakras together and takes the 5000-year-old system into today’s world by examining ways in which it can still be applied. We go through the system from a modern perspective, looking at suitable applications for it as a framework for stress management, motivation and for personal or professional development.

Further Details

Entry Requirements

This course is ideal for those with an interest in stress management, meditation and holistic healing; who want to learn these practices for themselves or want to learn how to use these techniques to help their clients. A keen interest in holistic health and the subjects of mindfulness and mediation is necessary. There are no formal prerequisite qualifications that learners must have prior to undertaking this course.

Course Dates

  1. Monday 21st March 2022: 7-10pm 

  2. Monday 28th March 2022: 7-10pm 

  3. Monday 4th April 2022:: 7-10pm 

  4. Monday 11th April 2022:: 7-10pm 

  5. Monday 25th April 2022:: 7-10pm 

  6. Monday 9th May 2022:: 7-10pm 

Course Fees

€200, deposit of €100 payable at time of booking. 


Terms & Conditions 

  • Payment should be made through our online booking form where possible.

  • Alternatively, payment can be made by cheque or postal order made payable to: Tatiana Lawless Grosso at the Irish School of Reflexology & Wellness or via Paypal at 

  • Places on preferred courses can only be secured on receipt of deposit.

  • Due to demand, deposits and fees are non-refundable.

  • Payment plan dates are non-negotiable.

  • Students will be given two weeks’ notice by email of payment due dates and failure to make full payment could result in your place on the course being removed.

  • Course places are strictly limited so we advise students to book a place early.

  • All dates are subject to change and final confirmation in the preceding month prior to the courses starting.

  • Principal: Tatiana Grosso N.R.R.I