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Mindfulness & Meditation 
For Complementary Therapists

NRRI Accreditation
12 week online course

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The ISRW is a leading provider of Holistic training. We offer Accredited programmes in Reflexology, Diet & Nutrition, Meditation and Mindfulness, Stress Management, Chakras Healing and more. 

The ISRW facilitates beginners, post-graduates and professional practitioners in developing their skills and expanding their knowledge in the field of Holistic Therapy. Our programmes range from one-day workshops to professionally-accredited Diploma courses. Through multi-platform and multi-dimensional courses, our practical training takes students on an emotional path as well as an educational one.

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Reflexology Diploma 

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: 14 months 

Nutritional Cooking

Diet & Nutrition, Level 3 Cert

Accreditation: ITEC
Duration: 22 Weeks (online)


Accreditation: NRRI/ITEC 

Duraton: 14 months 

Hand Reflexology

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: Full day

Stressed Woman

Stress Management

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: 8 weeks (online)


Reflexology Refresher Course

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: One Weekend


Mindfulness & Meditation

for complementary therapists

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: 12 weeks (online)


Chakras Healing Courses

For holistic therapists & beginners

Accreditation: NRRI
Duration: 8 weeks (online)

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